[EN] Buy backlinks

What are the backlinks useful for?

Returns links (backlinks) have more and more importance in the SEO of a website. Google takes more account in its ranking. More a website receives quality links, more it will be visible on the search engines.

What is the ideal backlink profile?

It is important to respect several criteria during a linking strategy … To have good quality, every link must:

  • Come from a similar topic or similar type of website.
  • Being integrated in the heart of the article (avoid links to pages and links in footer).
  • Integrate from time to time other links on the same page (to another site and / or to another oldest article on the website)
  • Do not over-optimize its link anchors (favoring the domain name and the brand name most often)
  • Emphasize quality for sites and network sites
  • And above all, the link must look natural although it is artificial!

Beware of too tempting offers such as « 50 backlinks for € 20″… With this, you are going to penalize your website more than anything else! Since the algorithm Google Pinguin, Google penalizes poor quality links. We must therefore focus on quality over quantity. It is better to buy links as a sponsored article like an embedded link in an article dedicated to you.


What is the difference between a backlink and a sponsored article?

A backlink is simply a link embedded in the heart of a sponsored article. Most often, we use sponsored articles to embed links on various partner sites.
Embed backlinks without passing through publications of sponsored articles would be risky and could alert Google if too many were set up.

So prefer the sponsored articles to position backlinks to your website. This is often the only way to place links to a website that is new (website that still has no links).

Why should I buy links?

For a blog, it’s pretty easy to get backlinks. Regular publications of articles will naturally generate links from other websites passionate, sharing on social networks, quotes…

Conversely, if you own an online store, it will be much harder to get backlinks. Spontaneous links going towards e-commerce will be quite rare…

How much is a backlink?

Buying a backlink as a sponsored article costs between $30 to $200 depending on the site and the platform used.

This rate generally includes: writing (unique, not copy / paste from other sites), the publication of the article and the integration of one or two links in the article.

What are the recommended platforms for this?

I recommend RocketLink which is the leading platform in this area, but where it is difficult to get a backlink for less than $150. And also SeoTech offering sponsored articles and publications directories between $30 and $40, which is more accessible for netlinking strategies that must incorporate many links.

What does Google think about this?

Google is simply against buying links because it is just competing its own service: Google Adwords … As I often repeat, Google is not a search engine, Google is an advertising network! The goal of Google is to sell you the keywords and visibility on its search engine, so he says it is against their guidelines …

Are there any risks of being penalized by Google?

You should know that platforms do not mention their advertisers and publishers / bloggers, it is confidential and it is difficult or impossible for Google to distinguish a sold link from a natural link.

In the future, Google could try to identify the links that do not provide content or added value to visitors. And this is exactly this that Google could penalize! I recommend that you always make sure that your backlinks have the most as natural look as possible and that they respect a logic.